Le patch 1.10 est arrivé.
Patch 1.10 (4 Mo)
Plasmite bombes (intraduisible, mais c'est du plasma).
Eléctro-magnétiques bombes.
Ecraseurs éléctro-magnétiques.
Blindages résistants aux plasmites bombes.
Patch 1.09 (4 Mo)
chassis DragonQuelques upgrades avec ce patch, les principaux étant :
Deux nouveaux chassis de véhicules (wyvern et dragon).
Toutes les défenses anti-aircrafts peuvent être posées sur un hardpoint, ce qui en fait de solides tours de défense.
Upgrade des vitesses de construction des usines afin de produire plus rapidement.
Trois upgrades pour le plasmite flammer.
forteresse à canon lourdLe patch 1.08 est arrivé.
Pumpkin nous fait plaisir en tenant haut la main le planing de sortie de ses patchs.
Patch 1.08 (3750 ko)
Ce patch là, il est impressionnant : des murs de forteresse ultra résistants avec en bonus des canons géants, des lance-roquettes, des canons à flèches et des lance-missiles d'une taille de 2x2.
Des capteurs mobiles pour viser les bases ennemies avec vos tirs longue-portée.
Trois améliorations pour les lance-flammes.
Amélioration des usines pour construire vos unitées plus rapidement.
Augmentation de l'armure des cyborgs.
Murs plus résistants.
Le patch 1.07 est là. Le plus étonnant est qu'on ne l'attendait pas. Je sens que d'ici peu Warzone va enterrer Total A puisqu'il reprend la formule qui a fait sa renommée : l'évolution constante du jeu avec des éléments téléchargeables.
Patch 1.07
Et que fait-il ? Et bien en voilà le descriptif (images sur les pages Armes, Bâtiments, Cartes, Présentation) :
Affichage des cartes lors du choix en multiplayer.
Structure satellite pour découvrir l'intégralité de la carte (comme dans Red Alert)
Larges capteurs de spectre qui fonctionnent comme les tours de contre-attaque mais avec une portée plus importante
Satellite de tir : l'arme ultime pour shooter ses ennemis de l'espace
Nouvelles armes : Canon à plasma et canon éléctromagnétique (pour désactiver une unité ennemie)
Upgrades pour cyborgs : missiles anti-chars, laser et canon à flèches
Et deux nouvelles cartes : Beggar's kanyon (8 joueurs desert) et Gridlock city (8 joueurs urbain)
Le patch 1.06b vient d'arriver. Il corrige les bugs du 1.06 et fonctionne à merveille (testé et approuvé).
Patch 1.06b
Editeur de cartes
Pas de prochain prévu pour l'instant.
Descriptif des ajouts du patch 1.06 :
Les technologies Nexus peuvent être recherchées : armes éléctroniques permettant de capturer les unités et bâtiments ennemis,...
Tour de capture Nexus.
Réparation automatique des unités (ca bug pour l'instant car les unités retournent toujours après réparation au QG.)
4 supers cyborgs, grosses armures et armes : Canon moyen, canon d'assault, canon rapide et missiles anti-chars pour cyborgs.
Canon d'assault double, laser lourd pour les véhicules.
3 nouvelles cartes : Basingstoke (4 joueur urbain), Little Egypt (8 joueur desert), Sand Castle (8 joueurs montagne).
Voici le contenu du patch 1.05 final (reprennant aussi les patches précédants) :
Warzone 2100 Update1.05 Final. Pumpkin Studios: 25th June, 1999
LEASE READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY - This document will tell you what this update will do to your retail version of Warzone 2100. If after installation, you encounter any new problems, then uninstall Warzone 2100 and reinstall your original retail version.
This file is also copied to your Warzone 2100 directory on your hard drive for further reference. Installation Instructions: 1) Enter the location of your Warzone 2100 installation when prompted. 2) Press YES when asked if you wish to overwrite existing files.
Update Information 1.05 This update also installs all previous updates.
New Incendiary weapons Incendiary Mortar - Heat up those entrenched defenders Incendiary Howitzer - Fire long range incendiaries into enemy bases Plasmite Flamer Emplacement -Short range flamer defense with devastating burn damage. Excellent for igniting base rushers!
New Cyborgs. Cyborg reinforcements are on their way! First to arrive are the thermite flamer, grenadier cyborgs, mechanics and combat engineers. Next month watch out for the first of the super-cyborgs! These are a new class of heavily armored Cyborg warriors. They cost more and take longer to build, but they pack weapons that are too heavy for regular cyborgs. (known issue: Grenadier cyborgs attached to a commander may not fire. Will be fixed in 1.06).
Cyborg Transports. Use transports to move cyborgs across the map. To unload individual units right click the transport to open the cargo window. To order all cyborgs out of the transport, hold ALT and left click the destination.
New Technologies. Improved Cyborg and Vehicle HEAT armors - your best defense against flamers. Improved mobile repair units - increase repair rate.
New Maps Rolling Hills - 4 Player desert map. Push forward over the rolling hills of the title and retreat to the narrower canyons around your base when the going gets tough. Those who reach the central desert quickly will be rewarded with oil barrels (easily taken from the weak scavenger settlements). More permanent oil resources can be found along the banks of the three rivers - we suggest hit and run hover groups for surprising the enemy. Hide and Sneak - 8 player urban map. In this strange, Tron - like environment you can hide but you can't run. Winding your way around the maze will quickly reveal nearby oil resources, but remember to go carefully and lock down areas as you progress. Later you may wish to build derricks in the oil - rich central area, but be warned : reveal your position and attacks will come from all sides. Yin-Yang - 8 player mountain map. The glacial conditions here have created steep cliffs between the vast swirls of high and low ground. Navigate carefully and keep an eye out so as not to be outflanked by enemy tank groups. You may find the Cyborg Transport useful in setting up surprise attacks and remote structures.
Sensor Range Display. Press and hold Z to see a snapshot of your sensor range. Perfect for finding those spots you've missed.
Skirmish Improvements. Each skirmish player can now be assigned a difficulty. Drag the slider to the right to increase the difficulty. Drag all the way to the left to turn off the player (the last player can't be turned off). Skirmish players now build walls, and don't build on burning oil pools. Most cheats now work in one player skirmish. Computer players don't cheat as much. Bug fixes to skirmish save-game. No more 'mystery units' in the middle of the map! In one player Skirmish mode, computer players now have a score and are ranked on the multiplayer score screen, as a human player would be.
Multiplayer Research Info. A small heart appears by any research topic your allies are working on. Now you can see what they are researching! Move the mouse over the heart to see which player is researching that topic. (note that in TeamPlay, research is automatically shared: you don't have to give a research gift)
Previous Updates 1.04
This update also installs all previous updates.
Build List Queuing. Allows queuing of structures to be built by trucks. Select a structure, choose a site, then repeat this sequence while holding shift or ctrl for each additional structure you wish to build.
Demolition Queuing. Demolish a series of structures by first selecting the demolish icon, followed by the first structure you wish to demolish, repeat this sequence while holding shift or ctrl for each additional demolish order. Demolish and build queues can be mixed, as can building lines of defensive structures.
Campaign 3 Technology Trees. Research and Develop Campaign 3 Technologies - adds rail guns, lasers and missiles!
One-Player Skirmish Save Games. Now you can save in one player skirmish games. Ideal for those long battles against the computer.
Improved Skirmish AI. This skirmish update improves on enemy detection and how the enemy chooses research and units. It's much more realistic and a lot tougher. If you find it too hard, try turning off alliances, or remove a few skirmish players on big maps. (click the computer icon where the flags usually appear in the host game screen)
Commanders and Repair. Commanders can now be repaired by holding down Alt and selecting a commander with a repair unit. Also units returning from repair centers now always return to the commander's current position.
Multiple Map download problems are now fixed
Better support for 3dfx cards. Voodoo3 issues resolved.
Internal code changes should make cheating more difficult
This update also installs all previous updates.
Two Great New Maps Great Rift A massive 192x192 sized 4 player map set in the Arizona Desert. Four high Plateaus surrounding a great chasm. Take control of the oil resources and wreak havoc with Howitzers and Ripple Rockets. The Pit A great crater surrounded by high plateaus. Defend you plateau or take and hold the center. The choice is yours.
This update also installs all previous updates.
Technology Level 2 changes. Selecting a multiplayer Campaign level now sets the starting levels of the technologies in that game. Campaign 1: Enables the entire tech tree from the start of campaign 1 to the end of campaign 2 Campaign 2: Starts with campaign 1 technology already researched and enables campaign 2 tech.
Factory Settings Feature. Attack Ranges, Retreat Levels, Fire Options and Movement Options can have their factory settings altered. To access the factory settings, right click the factory in the 3d view, then select the settings you want to change. All future units produced by the factory will have the new settings.
Thicker D3D smoke!
Modification to video playback in single player.
Minor Changes to Skirmish code in preparation for a future update.(eg players don't build themselves in anymore)
This update also installs all previous updates.
Two New Maps: Concrete Playground: A massive 250 x 250 sized 8 player map. Our biggest yet! Set in an urban wasteland with huge concrete plateaux that with a little careful planning can be defended from enemy attack. With plenty of oil resources and vast expanses of water. Get researching them Hovers! Be sure to let us know what you think of this monster map. Fishnet: A big 96 x 96 sized 4 player map. Set in a huge valley with plenty of lakes surrounded by snowy ridges. Control the ridges or take the center. Choose wisely!
DirectPlay setup tweak.
1.01 New
Support for WZ add-on packs - WZ now has the functionality to support additional maps, units and research technology.
New maps - Zigurrat, Wheel Of Fortune and The Valley Of Death.
Unit limit increased to 100 per side in Multiplayer.
Maps can be played at 2 different technology levels. This feature is not yet available in skirmish so to ensure that you can access the campaign two technology maps, make sure that skirmish is not toggled to be ON since the maps won't be available in this mode. To access the campaign two technology maps, ensure that you have no computer players enabled and then select a new map. When the map select form comes up, click on the tab with the number 2 on it. You will then be presented with the new maps - they all have '-T2' after their name. For the present, you will still have to progress through the campaign 1 research topics in order to access the new campaign 2 items. We are looking at the possibility of having these (campaign 1) topics already researched at the start of the game as an option. This will most likely be introduced into Warzone 2100 in update 1.03.
Players in a team share radar information and research - this is updated in real time.
Can see visibility and units/structures for allies in teamplay in realtime.
New audio system with EAX support - this should lessen the chances of the audio system causing hangs on certain system specifications.
Critical audio crash bug resolved.
F12 support added for 'unit lost' audio message and others. Fixes/Improvements.
Revised skirmish code with improved AI. This will continue to be worked on. For future updates we are looking to add a facility to save the game in skirmish mode.
Key bind hack fixed - some players were cheating in multiplayer by altering the keymap file - this is now not possible.
Mplayer fix - Europeans (including UK) can play on Mplayer.
Interface change to allow more structures and unit designs - the interface forms will automatically expand to allow sufficient pages to display ALL available options rather than being limited.
Partially built wall bug fixed - it was possible to trick the interface into completing walls for you - not any more!.
Multiplayer communication tweaks. [end of message]
Flashing cursor added to text entry code - this provides the player with a more obvious indication that they have entered chat mode.
Transparent water in d3d - originally only in Glide and now added to D3D. This works best in the Fog Of War setting.
Construction lines working on TNT cards - when the constructors are building structures they emit a blue light from their bonnet. This was previously not visible to TNT owners. Cheat codes - press T to enter them. To avoid spoiling the gameplay for those who don't want to know, the cheat codes themselves are available on www.pumpkin.co.uk and www.warzone2100.com. Cheat codes work in single player only. Note that the cheat codes interfere with the game scripts and may presently lead to unpredictable behaviour. It is best to use the cheat that stops the mission timer ONLY when the timer has almost run out in order to avoid missing events that are triggered by the scripts at a certain mission time. Also, some of the cheats must be entered at the start of each level. NONE OF THE CHEATS WILL WORK IN MULTIPLAYER. For instance "version" will tell you when the game code was compiled. Press 't' (as in multiplayer chat), type in 'version' and hit return. All 'cheat' codes are entered in this manner.
Vous voulez savoir ce qu'il y aura dans les prochains patchs ? C'est facile, c'est écrit en dessous.
Patch 1.11 - 23 décembre (cadeau de Noël)
Et bien non, malheureusement suite au démantellement de la société Pumpkin Studio, jugée non rentable, il n'y aura pas d'autres patchs, ni même de suite. Quel dommage. Profitez cependant des sites américains (comme www.warzone2100.com) pour télécharger de nouvelles cartes et autres utilitaires.